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From Hotel Garni to a 3 Star S Hotel

The story of our hotel begins in 1964, when my grandfather Peter Aichner converted the farmstead Oberwieserhof into a guest house. Back then, our farm played an important role for the Kronplatz Funicular, as my grandfather, one of its founders, became its guarantor.

While still a young man, my father Lorenz Aichner inherited the Garni hotel Oberwieserhof. A diligent chap, with a down-to-earth attitude and a firm idea of what he wanted in life, he married my mother Hildegard. Driven by the motivation to secure their future together, the two of them managed the Hotel Garni and the adjoining farmstead. My father generally took care of the running of the farm, while my mother looked after the management of the guest house. Together my parents brought up five children: Matthias, Andreas, Peter, Eva and me, Georg.

In 1984 the building was given a thorough overhaul and small renovations have been made every now and then right up to 2015. Together with my parents, in the spring of 2015 I decided to update the reception area and breakfast room, and breath new life into them. In 2017 this additionally gave me the opportunity and motivation to transform the Hotel Garni into a larger, more luxurious establishment, the 3 Star S Hotel Oberwiesen.

Thanks to the generous support and unstinting help from the entire family, we have been able to keep our family business running continuously and successfully.

Back to our roots...

To accompany the new construction, the house has also got a new name: Oberwiesen. The farmstead once had this appellation in the past (Oberwiesenhof) - until, with time, it turned into Oberwieserhof. But now we are returning to the original name.

Under the sign of the family


What is the logo based on?

he seven blades of grass
  • A number of ideas lie behind the logo graphic: The blades of grass represent the green meadows that surround our house and also symbolise the name Oberwiesen. Everything that has been built up has been achieved through the teamwork of the family and in future it will remain successful through the family's common spirit, so I felt the seven blades of grass are an appropriate tribute: a reference to our family of seven.