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Breakfast buffet variety

The perfect start to the day

We think a healthy, regionally sourced and organic breakfast is very important. We aim to use as many ingredients and products as possible from our village, our region or from our own farmstead garden. We are careful to buy in top quality when sourcing products that cannot be grown or produced here.

Special delicacies for special diets

We wish to be able to cater for all our guests, so please inform us early of any allergies or dietary intolerances that you may have. This will help us to be abl to offer you a wide range of products to suit your needs.

Further information

High quality products from local farmers!
  • On our buffet you will find different high quality products from local farmers.

Gluten and lactose-free products
  • A special corner of our buffet is dedicated to gluten and lactose-free products for allergy sufferers.

Breakfast hours
  • Breakfast is served between 7:00am and 10am.

Quality products

Our guests can help themselves to fresh and healthy South Tyrolean quality products, as well as sweet pastries and savoury delicacies:

A variety of preserves

Most of our preserves are homemade using fruit from our own garden

A variety of fresh breads

All from the village baker


All from a nearby farmer

Milk, cheese, butter & yoghurt

All from the local dairy, with milk delivered by Reischach dairy farmers

Ham & cured meats

Top quality and many supplied by regional butchers

Tea selection

A variety of top quality teas

Fruit & herbs

Principally supplied from our own garden - or we buy in top quality products


A variety of tasty cereals

Create your own breakfast juice

Press your own fresh orange juice - a machine to juice and mix your selection of fruit and vegetables is available

Local white sausage & Brezel are also served on Sundays

Extras from our breakfast

The following delicious breakfast items you can also have: